If you desire to manifest on repeat, call in new levels of money, comfort + luxury, and abundance on all levels... You are in the right place.


For years I worked on the art of manifestation. With my first lime green dell laptop, I started my spiritual journey. I watched every Youtube video about Law of Attraction and Manifestation I could get my eyes on. I remember spending every random bit of money at Barnes & Nobles buying spiritual books to read. After some time I started playing with the principles that I had learned. I started small, manifesting shopping trips, extra birthday money, and free dessert at restaurants. What used to take me months to call in, started to take me days.

I only got better and better and faster and faster, but there was one problem.

The things I would call in didn't stick.


I would manifest a lump sum of money only to be broke in a couple of weeks. I would manifest an upgrade in a hotel one vacation, and the next would be stuck in less than stellar accomadations. Even though I knew how to call things in, I didn’t know how to raise my standards and keep them there. I yo-yo’d between feast and famine constantly, always waiting for the next upswing.

That was no way to live.


In the Mindset Mastermind we stop this cycle for good.


I had no idea what I was doing wrong. I knew how to manifest, I had done it before, so why did I have such a hard time re-creating my results? I felt broken.I felt like I wasn’t supported by the universe.I felt like even though it seemed to be working for everyone else…it just didn’t work for me. I didn’t know how to create a life full of the things I manifested. A life full of comfort, abundance and luxury instead of just one-off things I managed to call in here and there.

I was stuck and frustrated but I kept going. I kept testing and playing with raising my standards until something clicked.

You are not broken. You are a powerful manifestor.

You can bust through. You can create a life doing all the things you have dreamed of doing. You can have it all.

But you have to eliminate duality.

You have to get clear.

You have to shift your mindset and raise your standard of living…FOR GOOD.

In Mindset Mastermind you can expect:

The Mindset Mastermind is for the women who works for herself or in the future wants to. It is for the spiritual woman who believes in manifestation who is ready for more. She is not content with one off miracles anymore. She wants to build a LIFE of the all the things she is manifesting instead of holding space just long enough to call it in and watch it fade away.

This is for the woman who is sick of feeling stuck, jealous, and hopeless when she looks at everyone around her with the things she desires.

This is for the woman who is ready to raise her standard of living. Who knows she deserves better, and is determined to get it, on repeat.

The Mindset Mastermind is foundational work. You can apply these principles to any part of your life forever to start seeing results and new levels of living.

The Program is 12 Weeks Long And Includes:


Pay In Full: $555
Payment Plan: $199 monthly for 3 months.

NEW: Extended Payment Plan:$99 for 6 Months!


If you are interested, you can email me at hello@returntodaydreams.com or send me a message on any social media to chat (linked below)

Doors close April 22!

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